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Good morning all,
So I'm the owner of a lovely 80 cabriolet. It's the 2.0l with abk engine. Lovely condition, recently dealt with some cosmetic issues including the installation of a full new set of bottom rubbing strips and rear screen.

The car has run reasonably well up until last week. Took it to my mechanic to have the timing adjusted via the distributor but it is stuck solid so could not be moved. On putting everything back together the car just won't start. New plugs, cap and rotar installed, the car has spark and fuel but just will not catch. Any ideas?

Mechanic has said he is not sure the spark is strong enough but at 27 years old he doesn't know if it should "crack" in the same way as a modern ignition. The ecu relay has been replaced and so the next thought is the coil/ amplifier. So the issue is that my car has 2 separate parts with a 2 pole coil and amplifier but the only part I can find listed is a single unit with both but a large 3 pin connector which does not fit the smaller combined unit. I have attached an image of my set up. Any ideas on these parts and where to source them would be appreciated. Obviously I want to get the car unning again so any thoughts/ ideas to try are welcome. Cheers CEO of Best Motherboard for i9 10900k
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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