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Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Grille

We have photos of the all-electric BMW i5!

Two cars were seen unloaded from a transporter where the camouflaged one is a i5 M60 xDrive and the uncamouflaged car under the cover is an i5 40. You can see by the the notes on the window that show the model names.

We can see the closed of grille and we can even see the covered M badge in the grille. The grille is showing its outlines and of course the production lights are on place both front and rear.

The i5 M60 will most likely be the most powerful 5 Series unless you count in the M5. The iX M60 is delivering some 610 hp but in order to keep the more expensive iX on top, the i5 M60 will likely get a few ponies less. But I think we can still expect around 590 hp for the electric 5 series top model.

BMW i5 40

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Vehicle Car Tire Hood Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle cover Vehicle Automotive tire

Vehicle Hood Vehicle cover Automotive lighting Car

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

BMW i5 M60 xDrive

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Grille

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting
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