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BMW i5 Highway Assist Level 2+

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BMW Blog showcased the i5's Highway Assist Level 2+ system in action.

In this video, we explore BMW's Automated Lane Change feature, a world premiere not only for the BMW 5 Series, but for the entire industry. Watch us test the system on a French highway and see how it seamlessly changes lanes with just a head movement. No need to touch the blinkers.

We will also show you our favorite upgrade on the new BMW 5 Series: the enhanced Highway Assistant with simplified user interaction. With the push of a button and a glance down the road, the system allows you to take your hands off the wheel and even overtake the speed limit automatically.

The Highway Assist will overtake the speed limit automatically and the maximum speed in the hands-free mode is 85 miles or 135 km/h. In Germany, the standard is 130 km/h, but you can have an offset of 5 km/h, or up to 10 mph in the United States.

Plus, BMW is the first OEM to offer this feature in Germany.
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