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Outside of North America BMW has been selling subscriptions for features such as heated seats and map updates.
  • BMW Safety Camera Information - £25
  • Driving Assistant Plus - £35
  • Front Seat Heating - £15
  • High Beam Assist - £10
  • IconicSounds Sport - £99
  • Map Update Package - £79
  • Online Entertainment Voucher - £179
  • Service Inclusive - £895.81

BMW is now selling subscriptions for heated seats in a number of countries — the latest example of the company’s adoption of microtransactions for high-end car features.

A monthly subscription to heat your BMW’s front seats costs roughly $18, with options to subscribe for a year ($180), three years ($300), or pay for “unlimited” access for $415.

It’s not clear exactly when BMW started offering this feature as a subscription, or in which countries, but a number of outlets this week reported spotted its launch in South Korea.

BMW has slowly been putting features behind subscriptions since 2020, and heated seats subs are now available in BMW’s digital stores in countries including the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa. It doesn’t, however, seem to be an option in the US — yet.
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